Dog Walking

Group Dog Walks

I offer fun daytime small group walks(4 dogs max) So that your beloved dogs can get the exercise, socialization and stimulation they need whilst you're slaving away at work, for your dogs to be accepted on my group walks they need to be well socialized and non-aggressive towards other dogs of all shapes an sizes, Walks are taken in good open dog friendly places around Blackburn, Gt Harwood, Rishton and Accrington(plus other nice places on occasion)  I like my group walks to be quite active so they need to be relatively fit and healthy.

Solo Dog Walks

I also offer Solo walks for dogs that need that extra bit of attention and who may not be too good with other dogs, With the 'solo walks' I'm more than happy to try and take on dogs that may be too strong for other people to walk and and may have behavioral issues or be undergoing behavioral training, in which case id be happy to go along with whatever training techniques that you are using as long as they are based on positive reinforcement (but any training involving shock collars, pinch collars, etc... isn't welcome roundRway i'm afraid)

Walk Prices

1 Hour or 30 minute Small Group Walks

1 dog, 1hr - £10 (2 dogs - £15)

1 dog, 30 min - £8 (2 dogs - £12)


Solo Dog walks

30 minute walk - £8
45 minutes + - £10

***please note solo walks are only available outside of the hours of 9.30am -  4.30pm)

Dog Walking Information

  Free initial meet and greet at your home

  Provide my credentials and proof of identity

  Discuss your pets specific requirements, health and any behavioural issues or quirks
they may have.

  Agree an initial walk plan and start date

  Give you a short registration form to complete and sign along with a copy of my terms
and conditions

  Take a key for your home from you, All keys are kept locked in a safe in my home when
not in use and are labelled with just your pets name, Hopefully it will never happen but if
i was to lose or damage your key then my insurance covers the cost of replacement
locks, keys and call out charges.

  Safely transport your pet to the walk location and return home afterwards

  Allow your dog to run & play on & off lead(with your permission) In nice dog friendly

  Provide toys, water, rewards/small treats(grain free and natural treats can be provided if
for pets with allergies) and water.

  On return home your pet will be towelled down and dried as best possible, water bowls
will be checked and topped up if needed, food can be put out if requested and your
home will locked back up(and alarm set if required)

  A fully stocked first aid kit is always stored in the transport vehicle
should an accident occur.

To Make an enquiry 

Please phone
Fill in our contact form HERE and I will get back to you as quickly as possible